Expand your NBA 2K17 basketball Experience

NBA 2KVR is a virtual reality basketball themed game from the makers of NBA 2K17. It is available for PS4 and PC and requires a VR headset.

NBA 2KVR is a basketball simulation game for PS4 and PC. The game caters to NBA 2K17 players and basketball fans. This virtual reality game takes basketball simulation one step further and gives players the chance to take part in various basketball themed mini games. Unlike NBA 2K17 that puts players in control of a game character, NBA 2KVR allows players to be on the court themselves. The gameplay features three game modes and a boost system.

Three points shootout mode requires players to score three points shots. This is a race against the clock. The objective of this mode is to score as many shots before the timer expires. Buzzer Beater is another timed NBA 2KVR mode. Players have to hit as many shots before the time runs out. There are 10 balls that can be used in this mode. Skills challenge is also about scoring points but this time players will send the ball to the hoop by deflecting it off various targets. This mode is very fun but also challenging. Players need to possess skills and fast reflexes as targets must be hit in a particular order before the ball reaches the hoop.

Gatorade boosts are an NBA 2KVR feature that allows players to improve their attributes. These boosts are used to increase players stamina, accuracy and speed. The game also has a tutorial mode. Players will be guided by Paul George as he explains game features and offers valuable tips. It’s possible to enjoy the NBA 2K VR in a multiplayer setup as it supports local multiplayer. The game requires a VR headset. At the moment, NBA 2K VR supports three headsets: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and PS VR. The price is extremely affordable. Players will have to pay around $15 for it. System requirements for PC are pretty decent as well. A computer running Windows 7,8 or 10 with 8 GB RAM, i5 4950 CPU and an AMD 290 GPU (or equivalent) should be enough for this game that takes about 2 GB of storage space. If you need NBA 2K17 MT for help, just come to u7buy.com to choose, which can offer the best service and the cheap price for your buying.